Social Media Toolkit: Tax Billionaires Now

Feb 26, 2024

Summary: Billionaires continue to grow richer than ever before, making more in an hour than most Americans can hope to make in a lifetime. Estimates indicate that the world could see its first ever trillionaire within the next decade. But despite this unprecedented wealth, the ultra-rich frequently pay lower tax rates than middle class workers like teachers and firefighters.. At the same time, Republicans in Congress are fighting to give the rich permanent tax breaks and to stop the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) from enforcing taxes on wealthy tax cheats making over $400,000 a year.  It’s time to end the two-tiered tax system that enables the rich and corporations to dodge and duck taxes while the rest of us pay our fair share.

Hashtags: #TaxFairness, #TaxTheRich, #TaxBillionaires, #PayWhatTheyOwe, #TaxWealthLikeWork

Sample Content

  • Billionaires broke records in 2023 with $5.2 trillion in collective wealth–that’s up from $2.3 trillion since 2017 thanks to the Trump tax law. It’s time to #TaxTheRich.
  • Jeff Bezos made millions of dollars an hour in 2023 – that’s more than the average American can hope to make in a lifetime.

    There’s no reason he should be paying a lower tax rate than people making minimum wage. #TaxWealthLikeWork
  • We’re sick of watching Elon Musk beef with other billionaires and fool around on social media.

    We’d rather watch them all pay their fair share of taxes. #TaxBillionaires
  • FIVE #BigPharma execs from Moderna have become billionaires because of the corporations’ taxpayer-funded vaccine.

    They should be paying their fair share of taxes, just like the rest of us.
  • The IRS will collect $560 BILLION more from wealthy tax cheats thanks to the enforcement funding from the #InflationReductionAct.

    GOP lawmakers are working hard to roll back that  funding to protect their billionaire buddies.

Download this toolkit with graphics here.