Everyone in America needs quality, affordable

health care they can depend on.

The Health Care for America Now Education Fund (HCANEF) is a non-partisan coalition campaign that brings together patients, providers, and experts to take on corporate greed in healthcare and improve health coverage and outcomes for millions of people in the United States through public education, organizing, research and mobilization.

We believe:

  • healthcare is s human right and that access to quality, affordable coverage is a lynchpin to economic security, racial and gender equity, and a prosperous future. 

  • that basic living conditions like freedom, employment, safety, nutrition, and education must be addressed to improve health outcomes and providing every person with the opportunity for a healthy and fulfilling life.

  • no meaningful policy change is possible in Congress or state legislatures without participation from real people who are most impacted, who can demand accountability for action and who create impact. 

  • durable change requires taking on corporate price-gouging and limiting profits in every area of the health care system so that patients are prioritized over shareholders.


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