Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security

Medicaid and Medicare are the nation’s largest healthcare care programs, covering around 140 million people–that’s over one third of the nation’s population including seniors, people with disabilities, children, pregnant women and millions of low-income workers. Many improvements have been made to both over the years but there’s still much more to do to guarantee that these programs will continue to thrive and provide millions of people with the healthcare they need. Medicaid and Medicare, along with Social Security benefits, are the pillars of healthcare and economic security for hundreds of millions of Americans and the basis for building increased prosperity and opportunity for the future. Social Security benefits can be expanded by making wealthy people pay their fair share into the system just like working and middle class people already do.

The ARP includes robust opportunities to expand Medicaid in states that need it most – like North Carolina. Giving millions to states to expand Medicaid with enhanced funding to weather the ongoing covid impact.

The pandemic has hit North Carolina hard, including people I love. I have watched friends, family and neighbors struggle and I know I’m not the only one. More than 11,000 North Carolinians have died from COVID and that doesn’t take into account those of us...