Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Drug corporations have raked in more profits than other S&P 500 companies by price-gouging patients on everything from insulin to cancer drugs while millions of people go without medicines they need. President Biden and the 117th Congress passed historic reforms in the Inflation Reduction Act that finally enable Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices, stop drug corporations from raising prices faster than inflation, and, for the first time, cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors and people with disabilities. Now it’s time to do the same for everyone else. People of all ages need affordable medicines to take care of themselves and their families. Everyone, no matter where they get their healthcare, what age they are or what kind of health conditions they have must have access to affordable prescriptions.

Reforming PBMs Puts Money In Patients’ Pockets

When it comes to lowering drug prices and making medicines more affordable, lawmakers have many opportunities for interventions that save patients money. We’re already seeing positive impacts from last year’s historic Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which has capped...