Countdown to Lower Drug Costs








In 2022, Congress passed historic reforms to lower the price of prescriptions in Medicare for millions of seniors and people with disabilities. By September 1st, 2023, Medicare will announce the first ten prescription drugs that will have negotiated prices for the first time. Negotiated prices for prescription drugs have already saved billions of dollars in other programs like Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs. But even as we count down to the September 1st date for Medicare negotiations, drug corporations are trying to stop the process. Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb and their army of lobbyists are trying to overturn Medicare negotiations in court and their allies in Congress are filing bills to repeal the new law before it’s even fully implemented.

We won’t let big drug corporations turn back the clock on lower drug costs! Join our campaign to implement and expand Medicare negotiations that will finally take away Big Pharma’s monopoly power to charge anything they want for medicines. Join us in counting down to lower drug costs!